TGI Ad-Vantage

Smarter Targeting Online

Agencies, media owners and marketers alike can now identify and reach complex, offline-defined consumer audiences online without having to simply rely on online behaviour and related proxies.

  • Identify and reach richly-defined consumer target groups online, built from their real characteristics and behaviour, not just their online user journeys and related proxies

  • Create campaigns and promote targets built around the consumer lifestyles, product usage and attitudes that prompt particular online behaviour

  • Realise the brand building opportunities online that would otherwise be missed, by reaching attitudinally and motivationally driven targets

Through TGI Ad-Vantage, campaigns can be built around characteristics as discriminatory as consumer lifestyles, product usage and attitudes, drawn from the comprehensive consumer insight available through our TGI study.

TGI Ad-Vantage enables agencies to more effectively fulfil client briefs (for more on how Ad-Vantage helps agencies, please click here) and brands to engage targets who are valuable but may have never visited the brand online (for more on how TGI Ad-Vantage helps marketers, please click here). Similarly, media owners can quantify and prove the existence of lucrative target groups visiting their online content, thus maximising the value of their online inventory (for more on how TGI Ad-Vantage helps media owners, please click here).

How it works:

TGI Advantage comprises standard and bespoke solutions. The bespoke segment works by you building a customised target from TGI’s single source consumer insights. Subsequently, best-practice modelling through the transactional database of TGI’s partners at KBM Group delivers the cookies to reach that exact audience online.

For a short introductory video about TGI Ad-Vantage presented at a recent industry conference, please click here.

Pre-defined targets for online targeting

As well as our TGI Ad-Vantage bespoke segment we also offer a standard segment which comprises pre-defined targets for online targeting. There are over 50 (in the UK, exact number varies by country) of these pre-defined targets on programmatic advertising platforms, fulfilling a very broad range of targeting requirements. Examples of pre-defined groups include consumers intending to buy a car in the next two years, people who buy free range food and drink, those who have spent money on gambling, and those who watch more than 40 hours of television every week.

For a short introductory video about TGI Advantage's standard segmentplease click here. (note the standard segment in this video is referred to as 'standard audiences')

Further information

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