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News & Views

  • Our Publications 11 November 2015


    Social TV engagement goes beyond conversations with other users and high-profile celebrities on Twitter; it often extends to engagement directly or indirectly with brands. The Kantar Twitter TV Ratings brand affinity module provides an interesting snapshot into Tweeters’ connections with both brands and live TV programming, helping agencies and advertisers connect with potentially unexpected audiences. We can understand the level of affinity that an audience Tweeting about a particular programme has with categories of brands such as cosmetic and clothing brands or food brands, as well as actual brands, and there are some interesting symmetries that occur in the UK.

  • Our Latest News 30 October 2015

    French TV channel D17 cements audience engagement strategy

    French music television channel D17 has enriched the viewing experience for its audience with a new app that forms a major element of its second screen strategy. ‘D17 Connect’ feature synchronises content between the main and companion screens and is powered by Kantar Media’s SyncNow technology.

  • Our Publications 06 October 2015

    Catching up with the latecomers

    We have uncovered fascinating insights on the specific values, aspirations and frustrations of this audience that we call the Latecomers, in our quest to determine whether they are truly the ‘lost generation’, as some have suggested since then, or whether in fact they are on course for a completely different life journey.