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Kantar Media TGI enables you to define, understand and effectively reach key target consumer groups by providing you with comprehensive ‘who, why and how’ insights into consumer behaviour.

What makes us such an indispensable tool for media owners, agencies and brand owners alike is the depth and breadth of our insights into consumer choices (including attitudes, product use, leisure activities and media consumption online and offline).

Established in 1969 and operating in over 65 countries worldwide, Kantar Media TGI is the world leader in media and marketing studies.

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Our latest news

15 September 2014

Charity giving in the digital age

The latest Kantar Media TGI Great Britain survey reveals insight around Millennials (15-34) attitudes to charitable donations and volunteering and how charities and advertisers can appeal better to the benevolent side of these consumers.

05 September 2014

Segmenting the social media sphere

Rachel Bayfield, Account Manager for Agencies at Kantar Media TGI explains the advantages of audience segmentation when it comes to social media for the IAB UK.